I don’t care how bored you are. I fully appreciate sitting indoors can be boring, making people feel stir-crazy – however, isolation and social distancing are not sufficient reasons to abandon all civilised decorum.

Two weeks ago, Speed Me Up and 66 rapper Lil Yachty hosted his first Instagram Live talent show. He managed to get his fans to do wacky things, like shaving their eyebrows off and eating condoms – but this time, he’s really stepped up his requests. And of course, someone obliged in the name of cold, hard cash.

The rapper has no shortage of fans to coax into bizarre tasks. Of his 9.5 million followers, Omar Zabady stepped up and decided to partake in Lil Yachty’s boredom-induced activities. He was dared to drink his own pee, and as a reward he’d be transferred $500.

Lil Yachty/Instagram
Lil Yachty/Instagram

Omar made his way through to the bathroom to fill up his glass – however, when he reached the loo, an opportunity arose. Why use your own pee when you can use your sister’s, am I right?

His sibling hadn’t flushed after her previous visit to the toilet – upon seeing this, Lil Yachty changed the terms of the dare, asking him to drink his sister’s urine instead. It pains me to say, Omar complied.

It’s a bit of a struggle for him (obviously, as it’s f*cking piss), but with plenty of enthusiastic support, he eventually chugs the glass and gets his money. Afterward, he’s asked to get his sister, who’s asked: ‘Do you like at him differently? Does he owe you any of the money?’ There’s no response.

Lil Yachty/Instagram
Lil Yachty/Instagram

Is drinking your pee a good way to pass the time? No. Is guzzling your sister’s urine acceptable? Never. But hey, the same rules don’t apply online – and going by the 22,000 people that tuned in to watch the talent show, we can probably expect to see more mad antics on Lil Yachty’s Instagram at some point.

Plenty of other musicians are making moves to entertain their fans. For example, Post Malone (alongside Mike Stud) is organising an eight-day all-star ping-pong tournament also set for Instagram Live – with the proceeds going towards relief efforts for the global outbreak.

It’ll feature 16 teams, with the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, former New England Patriots tight-end Rob Gronkowski, Camille Kostek, Johnny Manziel, Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce and MLB pitchers Trevor Bauer and Mike Clevinger expected to take part.


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