The armed intruders who broke into the Miami home of an OnlyFans star made off with over $100,000 in property, reports said Friday.

An incident report detailing the Oct. 4 home invasion, which targeted Ansley Pacheco, a popular Instagram model and cam-girl, shows the robbers stole a $50,000 gold chain, a $33,000 watch, a phone and other items totaling $102,000, the Daily Mail reported.

Pacheco’s husband Daniel Pacheco was on the couch watching the Miami Heat in the NBA finals with some friends around 8 p.m. when the two intruders forced their way into the home by following a guest inside and holding him at gunpoint, the outlet reported, citing video.

Robbers at OnlyFans model home Ansley Pacheco in Hialeah, Florida
Robbers at OnlyFans model home Ansley Pacheco in Hialeah, Florida

The robbers told everyone to get on the floor and started grabbing the pricey jewelry from the men in the living room, the incident report states.

Ansley, who was in her bedroom with her son, heard the commotion and grabbed a firearm from her nightstand and started shooting at the intruders, she said previously.

“I saw one of the guys face to face with me. He told me to put my gun down. I just shook my head no, and then I said, ‘Don’t shoot me, my son is in here,’” Ansley told Local 10 News after the incident.


Ansley Pacheco
Ansley Pacheco

SEXY & FIERCE – Instagram, OnlyFans Model Saves Family Amid Gunfight Erupted Against Home Intruders

“I just knew that I had to do something, and my first instinct was to grab the gun and defend my husband and my son.”

The robbers fired back at her as they fled the house, the incident report states. When they were gone, Daniel grabbed the gun from Ansley and ran outside to confront the robbers, who were fleeing in a dark-colored vehicle, the report continues. Daniel fired at the vehicle as it fled northbound on NW 86th Avenue, the police record shows.

Police sources told the Daily Mail they are working to determine if the attack was random or targeted. Ansley, her husband and the guests all said they didn’t recognize the intruders.


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