While getting your hair done is supposed to be a relaxing experience, this guy’s way of cutting hair is far from it.

It might be super satisfying to watch, but it can’t have been particularly fun for the person whose hair is being chopped.

In the video shared on Instagram, you see the woman’s hair laid out flat on what appears to be a large chopping board.

Brushing it out smoothly with a comb, the hairdresser then chops off a length of the hair using a large cleaver, because, you know, why give your client a nice head massage when you can make them fear for their life instead.


While it is slightly terrifying, it’s also oddly satisfying to watch, and the hair is cut into an almost perfect straight line.

After cutting off a large part of the woman’s hair, the hairdresser then uses the cleaver to chop layers into her hair so it’s not just a straight(ish) line.

Check it out here:

As pleasing as it is to watch, the woman’s hair looks pretty rubbish at the end – something Instagrammers were quick to point out.

One person’s comment, which has been liked almost 2,000 times read, ‘The real talent will be needed to fix that after’.

Another person asked if it was supposed to look like it did at the end, stating that they weren’t a huge fan of the unique look.


Someone else wrote, ‘Keep the theatrics away from my head please,’ and I couldn’t agree more. If I saw my hairdresser coming at me with a cleaver, I’d run for the hills.

One person sarcastically commented, ‘They came with a new thing like a thousand years ago, idk, but their called scissors, and they’re pretty affective if you know how to use them [sic].’ 


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