We’re halfway through 2020, and I can’t think of a single person who isn’t in desperate need of some comic relief.

If you’re looking for a laugh (or another way to pass the time,) we suggest listening to a few comedy podcasts. There are a number of truly hilarious podcasts that interview comedians, celebrate improv, comment on pop-culture, and so much more.

Here are 10 of the best comedy podcasts,

1. 2 Dope Queens

O, M, to the G. Comedians and BFFs Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams were born to make people laugh and co-host a comedy podcast. I can’t even make it through the teaser of 2 Dope Queens without laughing out loud, so you can trust that the full episodes — which feature standup, special guests, and discussions on everything from sex and romance, to race, careers, and real-life experiences will be even more delightful.

2. My Brother, My Brother and Me

If you’re an only child like me and have always dreamed of having a brother who you could turn to for some sage advice or a good laugh, a few episodes of My Brother, My Brother and Me will do a damn good job of filling that void.

The McElroy brothers (real-life bros named Justin, Travis, and Griffin) host a comedy podcast where they share personal experiences, give advice, and answer questions — either from listeners or Yahoo! Answers, which is always a real treat. The podcast has been going strong since 2010, so the boys are essentially experts now.

3. No Such Thing As A Fish

From our “Chatty, cheerful podcasts to listen to if your home feels too quiet” list, No Such Thing As A Fish is a weekly podcast where the writers of the BBC show, QI, share fascinating facts they’ve learned in life in each episode. 

Hosted by Dan Schreiber, with James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray, and Anna Ptaszynski, the hilarious podcast won’t just make you laugh. It will likely leave you more enlightened than you were before you started listening. A real win.

4. Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast

If you’re looking for a classic comedy podcast with good improv, Comedy Bang Bang is the podcast for you. It began airing in 2009 and the podcast remains one of today’s great hubs where improv comedians can come and flex their skills. Host Scott Aukerman talks with an ever-rotating cast of talented improv comedians doing ridiculous characters, so you never know what might happen in any given episode. And Comedy Bang Bang is also a great way to learn about other amusing podcasts, so you it might help you find your next listen. 

5. Why Won’t You Date Me?

Comedian, actor, writer, and TV host Nicole Byer brings loads of light and personality to everything she does — not only Netflix’s Nailed It! So it should come as no surprise that she’s also hosts one of the funniest podcasts. On Why Won’t You Date Me? Byer explores the undeniably confusing world of dating and welcomes friends, experts, and occasionally exes to discuss being single and the complexities of relationships.

6.Best Friends

Speaking of Byer, if you’re a fan of hers you’ll also want to check out Best Friends, a podcast co-hosted by Byer and writer, comedian, and actor, Sasheer Zamata. On Best Friends, the two put their friendship in front of the podcast mics and take quizzes, answer friendship questions, and chat with guests about everything from pole dancing to throwing bacon against a wall. It’s truly a good time.

7. How Did This Get Made

If you’re a bad movie buff (or just someone who gets so infuriated by bad movies that you can’t stop wondering how they were made,) then the comedy podcast How Did This Get Made is perfect for you.

Actors and co-hosts Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas get together to dive into uncommonly bad movies and question how in the world they got made. Each episode of the funny podcast serves as a hilarious, cathartic dunking session.

8. Doughboys

If you love talking about food, thinking about food, learning about food, and can often be found watching The Food Network, you need the Doughboys podcast in your life.

Since 2015, comedians and co-hosts Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger have been reviewing chain restaurants — from your favorite fast food spots to sit-down dining. In addition to delightful food banter and hilarious recurring segments, each episode also features a comedy or celebrity guest. Past guests have included D’Arcy Carden, Gillian Jacobs, Ike Barinholtz, Lauren Lapkus, Jason Mantzoukas, and more. The only thing better than enjoying some good food is enjoying some good food and some good company.

9. Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Calling all Conan O’Brien fans. Your boy has a funny podcast now, and he’s also in serious need of some friends.

After flexing his comedy skills on TV for 25 years, the late night host decided it was time to test his jokes out on a new platform and search for some deeper connections. Join O’Brien on his quest to turn some of the many celebrities who’ve guest starred on his talk shows and immediately went home afterwards into real friends. It’s going to be quite a journey.

10. Duncan Trussell Family Hour

If you’re searching for a hilarious, albeit extremely bizarre podcast that isn’t afraid to get deep, Duncan Trussell Family Hour is the comedy podcast your ears require. 

Each week, comedian Duncan Trussell invites guests to chat about reality, the multiverse, and essentially everything in between. The podcast also inspired Netflix’s The Midnight Gospel — an animated series co-created by Trussell and Adventure Time’s Pendleton Ward that launched in April 2020. Both the pod and the series offer incredibly unique listening and viewing experiences, and if you like one, there’s a great chance you’ll adore the other.


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