This is why you can never turn your back on your kids.

A mother in England says she was “mortified” when her son somehow got himself stuck inside of a tree. Somehow, on the 4-year-old’s first outing since the coronavirus lockdowns, he had somehow fallen inside of a hollow tree trunk and was unable to free himself.

Lindsey Ibrahim says she had taken her four boys to a local park after spending nine weeks in isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, the New York Post reports. Unfortunately, the family wasn’t at the park for very long before 4-year-old Finley found himself in an unusual situation.

“I ran over, and I just spotted the top of Finley’s face, with a hand and an arm poking out, and I was mortified at the time, thinking, ‘Oh my word, what am I going to do?” she told Kennedy News

“He said, ‘Look, Mommy, I’m stuck like a bug in a rug,’ and then he asked, ‘Are you going to have to take my head off to get the rest of my body out,” his mother explained.

While she was unable to lift him out of the tree due to a back condition, she says she asked another father at the park for help.

“I was embarrassed to ask because of social distancing,” she explained, “so he had all the right to say no, but he found the funny side and offered straight away to help. He came over and the guy was like Spider-Man, he just sprang to the top of this tree trunk, he pulled him hard a few times and then Finley popped out the top.”


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