An unnamed Nevada woman marched into the Target store where her fiancé works in Henderson, Nevada — to demand that he marry her right then and there.

In a now-viral video taken by shocked shopper Ashley Domingues, 37, and posted to TikTok last Friday, the impatient bride, dressed in white — and with a bridesmaid and pastor in tow — ambushed her beau as he stocked Halloween costumes onto the shelves of the superstore.

“You put this ring on my finger two years ago,” said the bull’s-eye bridezilla, who wore an A-line strapless gown, dangly feather earrings and an updo for the event. “It’s time to do it or get out.”

The brunette then turned to her entourage and announced, “I brought the pastor [and] I brought Emily, she’s my bridesmaid.” Emily wore a blush-colored mini-dress, white pumps and carried white roses.

“We’re getting married right now or I’m leaving — I’m out,” she added, before turning to the onlookers at the end of the aisle. “Hi guys, I’m just finally making him commit, you know?”

Domingues, who had stopped by the store for a birthday present for her son, said, “[This was] the best part of my week. I watched this woman hunt her man down that works at target.”

The shift worker then asked to talk outside, and the whole wedding party made their way out. “I’m shaking,” commented the bride, clomping back up the aisle in strappy heels.

Bridezilla ambushes fiancé at Target store demanding wedding right there and then
Bridezilla ambushes fiancé at Target store demanding wedding right there and then

The stunned bridegroom, dressed in his Target uniform of khakis and a red collared shirt, followed, asking, “Could someone have told me?”

There’s still no word on whether the viral bride and groom actually tied the knot — but this story will be updated when more information becomes available. The Post has reached out to Target reps for comment.


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