Brie Larson‘s sexuality has lifted eyebrows and interest after fans believe the “Captain Marvel” star could be — possibly — gay.

Brie Larson joined YouTube last year and has provided her fans with a steady stream of content that shows the Hollywood star in a more approachable light. However, many were shocked and intrigued by a recent video that some feel suggests that she may be gay.

Larson took an online quiz about herself on YouTube, and one answer stuck out among the rest.

In the first quiz about which Brie Larson character you are, the actress found out that her answers closely aligned her to the part of Mason Weaver from Kong Island. The video continued, and the actress answered a question about how she as a 10-year-old would spend recess. The answer has excited many, but the star has yet to respond to the comments on social media.

Larson responded to the question by saying, ‘searching WikiHow on the library computer for “how do you know if you’re gay?”’ Many hadn’t expected the response from the actress, but fans have already started talking about the possibility of Larson being gay.

It is worth noting that Larson simply chose one of the possible answers presented by the quiz, so this elation from fans may be premature. Also, sexuality is a spectrum, and as a result, the answer isn’t necessarily Larson coming out. Nonetheless, fans of Larson are keen to hear more!


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