A woman deliberately coughed on a bartender at a California pub after refusing to wear a mask, according to a new report.

The disturbing incident, which was caught on surveillance video, unfolded at the St. James Gate Bar and Restaurant in the city of Belmont on June 19.

“It was very disgusting, on a couple of levels,” bartender Misha Marotta — whose co-worker was coughed on — told ABC 7.

The watering hole had just that day been permitted to start serving customers indoors — but only with face masks and social distancing in place, according to Marotta.

The woman, however, would not comply.

“This lady kept hugging everyone in the bar and not wearing a mask,” said Marotta.

Marotta’s co-worker asked the woman to adhere to the rules — and that’s when she leaned in over the bar and coughed directly in the worker’s face.

“She was just upset people were telling her she had to play by new rules,” said Marotta.

The woman was told to leave, but before she did, she flipped the bird at employees and then knocked down a barstool.

“Something like that is just unacceptable,” general manager Bobbie Martinez told the news outlet.


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