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New Fortnite Predator Portal Raises Several Questions

Fortnite is introducing its new portal, that gives players a glimpse of what's to come in the future. We...

EGO – CD Projekt Red Didn’t Start Cyberpunk 2077’s Full Development...

A new report looking into what went amiss with the rollout of Cyberpunk 2077 points to overconfidence from management at CD Projekt Red as...

NEW – Where to Find All Fortnite Season 5 Week...

As if there weren’t enough ways to earn XP in Fortnite, Epic Games decided to drop a new set of XP coins on...

HOW TO – Get Members Only Emote For Free in Fortnite

We’re only into the second month of the Fortnite Crew subscription service and there have already been a plethora of problems with it.

IT’S ALMOST HERE – Fortnite Leak Shows Several Predator Skin Styles

After days and days of heavy speculation, Epic Games decided to clear the fog away about The Predator being in Fortnite Season...

IT’S HERE – Fortnite Mandalorian Pickaxe Gameplay Leaks

Released at the very beginning of Fortnite Season 5, The Mandalorian was the first skin you unlocked if you purchased the Battle Pass.

WHAT’S UP?! – Epic Responds To Fortnite Superhero Skin Controversy

It seems pretty clear by now that although Epic intended for players to use their Fortnite superhero skins to make their own hero to...

HOW TO – Learn To Signal The Coral Buddies In Fortnite...

That’s right everyone, the Coral Buddies have actually made a return in Fortnite Season 5 after being absent for several months now.

WAIT NO MORE! – Get 2 One-Year Of PlayStation Plus For...

Are you the happy owner of a masive PS5? Or perhaps you still carry on with your greatest old friend PS4 and...

WHAT’S GOIN’ ON – When Is Fortnite v15.20 Update Coming?

We are almost into a whole month for Fortnite Season 5, yet the upcoming V15.20 update has not come out yet.
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