It’s no secret that some people have been taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to make a swift buck.

It’s not cool, but some people aren’t cool, and would rather exploit a situation for their own greed than have the well-being of others in mind. But while you might expect a few chumps to sell bottles of hand sanitiser or N95 masks for a big markup, there’s one thing that’s seen its price rice rather unexpectedly – cocaine.

Actually, though, when you think about it, the price hike for illegal toxins does kind of make sense – in these days of social distancing and lockdown, police have been checking more vehicles to ensure that people are adhering to these recently imposed rules. And police obviously pose a threat for any drug dealer, so less are taking the chance.

Because of the mechanics of supply and demand, it means that those who are still dealing have been able to up their prices without seeing a decline in sales. In fact, some have even seen a rise in customers. One dealer told Sky News that the price of cocaine has risen from £36,000 per kilo to £40,000 per kilo. Not bad work if you can get it, eh?

Cocaine prices sky-rocket due to Covid-19 lockdown
Cocaine prices sky-rocket due to Covid-19 lockdown

That same dealer also told Sky News that, as people stay inside more and binge watch Netflix instead of hitting the clubs, many of his clients are buying more cannabis, as it’s much more suitable to that kind of mood. Allegedly. We wouldn’t know.

Interestingly, though, before the directive to stay at home was issued, some dealers had actually reduced their prices. According to that same report, some drug dealers were offering discounts before the lockdown was in place in order to secure their own income in these uncertain times.

One sent a text message to his customers suggesting that cocaine even helped battle the virus. It read: “CORONA VACCINE SPECIAL.

“Breaking news, this just in.Not much time left until we can’t deliver anymore to you, given the recent circumstances. Call now while there’s time to make sure you have enough vaccinations to last you the imminent quarantine. 2 vaccines for £100, 3 vaccines for £140, 4 vaccines for £180. Stay healthy.”

We’re guessing that it’s not a clinically proven vaccine, so don’t get your hopes up.


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