Michael Blackson and his Chinese Best Friend (“CBF”), Christian Cabrera, seem to be under attack by accused rapper, Tekashi 69…

According to Blackson and his CBF’s, Instagram posts this weekend, “CBF” is being accused by the rapper in court of being a part of El Chapo’s drug trafficking organization.

Blackson and his team often times create unique marketing hacks such as “Hater” reposts, and creative “headline grabbing” curations, like the curated abduction of Blackson by Tyrese, the model and actor, last November. That curation even culminated in a planned, or possibly unplanned, visit from the local police department, when the abduction was recorded and shared on Tyrese and Michael’s Instagram pages in real time. 

On two Instagram videos posted by Christian (CBF), he states, “it is a ‘total lie’,” what Tekashi allegedly brought up in court.

While the public knows this is a farce, the headlines catch your attention and make you question, if only for a moment, the reality of the story. Something Blackson and his CBF have been doing for the past year on IG.

Of course this is a hoax, but it leaves us questioning if Tekashi 69 is snitching in court, as he faces what could be, lighter sentencing. As for 69, one thing is for sure. While he will be facing a prison sentence that would end his rap career, his ability to grab headlines prevails, even from jail. It is not a surprise, in light of his antics and ability to use the press to create the fame he enjoyed before his incarceration. 


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