Rumer Willis has dropped a mysterious new teaser for what could be her dad’s next Die Hard movie.

The 32-year-old dropped the teaser on Twitter yesterday, October 17, with the eyes emoji and #DieHardIsBack.

Bruce Willis' daughter rolled out a mysterious teaser signaling a possible upcoming movie in the "Die Hard" saga
Bruce Willis’ daughter rolled out a mysterious teaser signaling a possible upcoming movie in the “Die Hard” saga

In the 15-second clip, you see Bruce Willis apparently return as his iconic character John McClane, simply walking along before turning to confront a group of men.

The teaser’s caption reads, ‘As one story ends, a new one begins,’ and states a release date of today, October 18.

Now, is it a movie? Is it a commercial? Who knows! 2020 has been a weird year, so it wouldn’t surprise me if a secret new Die Hard movie has somehow been filmed during the pandemic.


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Die Hard fans were quick to comment on Rumer’s tweet, hoping that another movie really is happening.

One person wrote, ‘If you’re playing with my emotions I’m gonna be the villain In the next die hard […] 2020 needs this,’ while another Twitter user said, ‘Looks like John McClane’s getting the “Last Blood” treatment, as well. PLEASE LET THIS BE A REAL FILM.’

Someone else said, ‘I’m gonna need a lot more information…like…immediately…please!’

Once upon a time, Die Hard 6 was in development with 20th Century Fox, but following its merge with Disney, it never came to be. According to Comicbook, however, Disney has been interested in creating a TV series titled McClane instead of another film.

Hopefully we’ll find out more about the mysterious teaser shared by Rumer later today.


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