A wild viral video shows a white man being smacked in the face with a can of Twisted Tea at an Ohio gas station after he repeatedly calls a black customer the n-word. 

The clip begins with the belligerent customer spewing profanity at the other man behind him in line, threatening to perform a sexual act on his mother and hurling the racist slur seven times.

The fight continues on the ground, where the tea-toting customer easily wrestles his smaller opponent into submission while pummeling him in the head five times and facetiously asking him to call him the n-word again.

The man then puts the aggressor into a wrestling move before finally laying him on the floor and walking away while saying “I asked you not to call me a [n-word].”

The beatdown happened at a Circle K in the city of Elyria, according to local newspaper the Chronicle Telegram. Local cops told the paper it was not reported to police. 

Its unclear when the incident took place, but a clip of the fight posted on Twitter Dec. 24 has been watched 1.7 million times since Christmas Eve, eliciting strong reactions from commenters — and inspiring many memes. 

“Others think it’s ok to. So when y’all make music whatever it is , just know they are listening and mimicking our language and adapting to it. Personally why I hate the word because I know this will happen.”

“Idk .. the dude is obviously drunk.. not a real threat.. using the n-word because obviously he has been allowed to use it with impunity..a physically violent confrontation wasn’t necessary..,” another person tweeted.


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