Right before Fortnitemares event began, the Fortnite devs made the decision to give the Combat Shotgun a buff, something that was appreciated by the community.

Almost right after this happened, they also made the decision to get rid of the Charge Shotgun completely, leaving us with just the Combat and the Pump.

The Combat Shotgun always felt like a bit of a black sheep in the shotgun family because it didn’t have the ability to change fights with just one shot, but since the buff it has felt a bit more viable.

Now, with Fortnitemares, it feels like we know exactly why Epic decided to give this gun a much-needed buff.

Combat Shotgun Feasts on Shadows

In a video from Fortnite streamer SypherPK, he showcases how powerful the Combat Shotgun is against Shadows in particular.

These fast moving enemies can be hard to hit with any gun, but given the range and power of the Combat, it’s a good weapon that is suited to taking out these dangerous foes.


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The Shadows only have 100 HP, so it’s not like they have to be pumped full of bullets to be defeated. If you’re accurate with your shots, a couple of rounds from the Combat will do nicely, and given the range this gun has, it’s a very viable choice.

In fact, outside of having a set of Mythic gauntlets, the Combat Shotgun might be the best option for dealing with these Shadows.

This Gun Isn’t Bad Anymore

Fortnite combat shotgun
Fortnite combat shotgun

If you’ve been sleeping on the Combat Shotgun, it might be time to pick it up again following the buff.

No, it’s not as strong as the Pump Shotgun is, which is why it’s actually a smart to decision to pick the Pump over the Combat in solos, but if you’re in Duos or Squads, the Combat Shotgun is definitely a good option.

Maybe you should spend some time in Team Rumble first to see if you like how the gun feels, but it’s hard to deny that it’s a lot better than what it once was.


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