Fortnite continues to get more and more crossovers, and now, Season 5 has gotten much better with two of them.

And to support this, Sarah Connor and the T-800 Terminator came thorugh a Zero Point portal and landed on the Fortnite world.

According to GamesRadar, The Fortnite Terminator skins are about to be available — according to a leak on the Playstation Store. It is thought that the T-800 skin will be the most intimidating one yet.

Epic Games has always liked to drop little tidbits when it comes to the story of Fortnite, and players have been piecing things together by listening to the various dialogue from NPCs in the game, but this might actually be our biggest hint yet.

Look at the Tie

According to HEAVY, in the trailer, you can see Jonesy saving the T-800 from a certain death as he is slowly been eaten up — as in the movie — by a pool of lava.

Fortnite Jonesy
Fortnite Jonesy

However, there is a curious red band around his arm, and you know it is the first time we’ve seen that.

According to the image posted by Reddit user edsonbebe, it appears that his armband is actually his red necktie, which could end up meaning a lot in Fortnite.

Jonesy all the way back in Chapter 1 had the tie around his arm, which would seem to confirm that this has somehow been the same Jonesy the entire time. Now, we don’t really know how Bunker Jonesy comes into play with that scenario, so we’ll try not to think about it too hard.

Lately, the Fortnite plot has been moving along quite rapidly, at least at the end of the seasons.

Fortnite is a Simulation?

Fortnite Predator
Fortnite Predator

In past seasons we’ve learned that there are people who are keeping an eye on the Fortnite universe from the outside, potentially indicating that the island is a simulation of some sort.

It’s tough to tell exactly what the Zero Point is still, but more of it is being revealed, such as this season showing we can just pluck people from other universes and put them on the island.

We don’t yet know what the rest of Season 5’s plot has in store for us, but we’re definitely excited to learn more about this lore.


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