Much of what to expect in Fortnite Season 5 has been kept under wraps, but on November 24, a new image leaked and it revealed a big part of what to expect.

As has been the case throughout Chapter 2, there will be a secret skin to unlock by completing various weekly challenges.

We’ve seen it done with Deadpool, Aquaman and Wolverine, and it’s looking like that trend is about to continue.

Fortnite Season 5 leak secret skin aims to a Star Wars crossover
Fortnite Season 5 leak secret skin aims to a Star Wars crossover

As part of a new leak, we have seen The Mandalorian, complete with The Child aka Baby Yoda, and leakers are saying that will be the secret skin for the upcoming season.

That would definitely be good news for all of the Star Wars fans out there, especially if Baby Yoda is able to become a back bling.

This Is The Way

Numerous leakers revealed the above image posted by FireMonkey, but he went the extra mile to explain that he believes this will not be a collab season.

What that means is instead of having an entirely Marvel season like Season 4, Season 5 will instead have a new and unique feel to it, just with The Mandalorian as a special skin.

That would be a return to how Fortnite once was, and we’re sure many fans will definitely appreciate that, especially those who aren’t big fans of comic books.

What Does This Mean For Marvel?

Whre to find Baby Groot in Fortnite Season 4
Whre to find Baby Groot in Fortnite Season 4

Interestingly enough, this seems like it’ll put an end to the two seasons of Marvel content in a row for Fortnite.

Of course, the leakers aren’t exactly meant to be taken as 100 percent fact, but The Mandalorian certainly won’t be seen fighting Galactus, which would seem to indicate this villain will be defeated for good at the end of the season.

While Epic has said they have much more Marvel content planned for Fortnite’s future, it looks like that’ll be sprinkled across several more seasons instead of just all at once.

Fortnite Season 4 ends on December 2.


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