A video showing Gettysburg “ghosts” is trending on social media after a man captured footage of possible apparitions while driving through a Civil War site in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in September 2020. Some people are debating whether or not he really saw ghosts, but he insisted that both he and his uncle were very creeped out by what they saw. Watch the video below and learn more about what he saw.

The ‘Ghosts’ Appear Late at Night in a Video Taken in Gettysburg

The video shows what appears to be two ghosts running across a road late at night at the Gettysburg Civil War battle site. Some people on social media have disputed the ghostly label, saying they don’t believe they’re seeing ghosts, but just smudges on the windshield or the camera. You can watch the video below and decide for yourself what you’re seeing.

Greg Yuelling, 46, took the video and said that he was hearing noises just before he saw the apparition, Fox News reported. He said: “We were driving along one night and we started hearing noises, I heard things to the left and my uncle heard things to the right, and there was a fog, but the fog was weird, it was only in one patch not dispersed.”

Yuelling said he had an ominous feeling that he needed to go back, but he ignored the creepy sensation. He said that he saw the shapes in person too and they were the size of humans. His uncle was with him and got so scared that he rolled up the car window.

While Yuelling said he saw them in person too, some people on social media believe the ghosts are just smudges on the windshield, Newsweek reported. Some people commented on the videos posted to YouTube that you can see the distortion as the car approaches, indicating that it might be a smudge on the windshield. Another person wrote on YouTube: “Look closely and you can see the streak of water a second or two before the ‘ghosts’ seemingly appear and they loop over the wheels of the canons in sync with the water streak.”

The Man Who Took the Video Has Shared on Twitter That What He Saw Was Real

On Twitter, Yuelling has been sharing the videos and photos and commenting that they are real. On one he wrote: “It’s the real deal!!!!”

On another post, he tweeted: “Believe me it was real!! And the noises I heard will scare you. So much bloodshed at Gettysburg.”

Potential ghost sightings have been noted before in Gettysburg. A number of organizations offer ghost tours in the area, including the Gettysburg Ghost Tours & Gettsyburg Paranormal Association


Here’s a video a different person shared of a “ghost sighting” in Gettysburg in May 2017.

In this video, they wrote: “Took a trip to Gettysburg a few years back and came across some amazing visual ghost evidence at 0:20 of this video where we see the apparition of what appears to be a soldier from the Battle of Gettysburg. Stop the video at the 0:20 mark or review the blow-up photo in the thumbnail image for this video. In reviewing the video, we also captured an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) of what we believe is a soldier screaming ‘Run’ four times.”


Gettysburg Ghosts video
Gettysburg Ghosts video

OH. MY. GOD. – Bone-Chilling Video Shows Two “Ghosts” Running Across A Gettysburg Road 


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