Herbert Diess, Volkswagen Group boss, has premiered himself on Twitter for the first time ever — and his first tweet was a fastball at Tesla boss Elon Musk.

“Hello @Twitter! I’m here to make an impact with @VWGroup, especially on political issues,” Diess wrote. “And, of course, to get some of your market shares, @elonmusk – after all, our ID.3 and e-tron have won the first markets in Europe. Looking forward to productive discussions!”

According to Electrek, the Volkswagen Group boss often says he is a Musk’s admirer, especially for what he and Tesla did for the electrification of the industry. Since he became the company CEO in 2018, Diess tried to lead the automaker onto Tesla’s path in key aspects of electrification.

Herbert Diess
Herbert Diess

Twitter has become into a platform where big-brand CEOs use it almost mandatory. They drop comments about products, comments, or in Musk’s case, you tweet about everything important and nonse — and a bit of a mixture between the two.

Diess and Musk have an ongoing friendly rivalry, according to Mint. The two have been good colleagues to each otherover the years, with Tesla’s CEO tweeting in September 2019 that Diess was “doing more than any big carmaker to go electric,” according to Mint. September last year, Diess gave Musk a test drive of the VW’s ID.3 (electric) when Tesla boss paid a visit to his factory construction near Berlin.

Stranger things have happened, but the idea that Diess — who apparently once made his executives attend a “syntegration workshop” — would break edgelord seems unlikely. Musk, meanwhile, has spent nearly two years possibly violating a court order that says he’s supposed to have tweets about Tesla pre-screened by a lawyer.

Elon Musk and Herbert Diess
Elon Musk and Herbert Diess

To Musk’s credit, he also spends a lot of his time on Twitter responding to customers who have suggestions or complaints about Tesla’s products. In fact, this has become such a critical pipeline that Tesla’s energy division has spent the last few months hiring customer service specialists who now help field those requests. If Diess learns any lessons about how to use Twitter from Musk, that may be a good place to start given the state of the ID 3.


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