As restaurants and bars remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, home sales of alcohol and beer saw a significant increase. Now, as these businesses are reopening, liquor delivery services are reportedly still seeing growth.

During the lockdown, some existing trends saw accelerated growth, Bloomberg reports. This reportedly includes home cocktails, as customers ordered key ingredients for mixed drinks. Apparently, some people spent the time stuck in their houses learning how to make their favorite cocktails and even trying some new ones.

Even as establishments start to reopen, sales for liquor delivery services are still up about 400 percent, Bloomberg reports.

While this may be due to people preferring to stay home and show off their new skills (or, just sit on the couch and drink a beer), there may be other factors. Many bars and restaurants are limiting the number of guests they’ll serve at one time during the first phases of reopening.

Also, some may still be wary of being in public spaces and prefer to stay home, even though they don’t have to.

Another factor that’s contributed to increased sales, according to Drizly, is people remaining home throughout the week. This has led to an increase in alcohol sales more evenly distributed throughout the week. As one analyst told Bloomberg, “Every night is Friday night for people.”

Cocktails aren’t the only drinks being enjoyed by people under lockdown.

Fox News previously reported that beers on the cheaper end of the spectrum saw the highest increase in sales. This includes Busch Light, Miller Light and Natural Light. Craft beer sales, meanwhile, struggled, although problems may have begun before the crisis hit.


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