Scientists have allegedly discovered evidence suggesting that Jesus’s crucifixion nails were real.

According to a fresh religious study, fragments of nails believed to have been used to attach Jesus to the cross during his crucifixion were revealed to have traces of ancient wood and human bone on them.

Having first come to light during a 1990 excavation of High Priest Caiaphas’s burial site, the man apparently responsible for plotting the murder of our Lord and Saviour, the fragments mysteriously went missing.

Assumed stolen, they reappeared years later after Israeli filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici claimed to have stumbled upon the very same nails that, he says, were used to nail the icon to the cross, in his documentary, Nails of the Cross.

Scholars, blasted Jacobovici’s blasphemous claim that he’d found the same nails used to pin up Jesus.

‘Within the rust and sediment attached to the nails, we also identified and photographed a number of microscopic fragments of bone,’ the filmmaker said. ‘I believe that the scientific evidence that the nails were used to crucify somebody is indeed powerful.’

Scientists Uncover Evidence That May Link Ancient Nails To ‘Jesus’s Crucifixion’
Scientists Uncover Evidence That May Link Ancient Nails To ‘Jesus’s Crucifixion’

Latest study suggests that his nail is in fact the same ones that went awry in 1990, with evidence implying they were nailed through a living person.

Dr Aryeh Shimron made the new discovery, when comparing material from the nails with that found on the tomb’s ossuaries, which are limestone boxes as a means of storing bones of the dead, uncovered some 30 years ago.

‘The materials invading caves differ subtly from cave to cave depending on topography, soil composition in the area, the microclimate and neighbouring vegetation,’ he said.

‘Consequently caves have distinct physical and chemical signatures,’ he also stated.

He went on to explain:

‘The physical and chemical properties of the materials which, over centuries, have invaded the tomb and its ossuaries were investigated. Our analysis clearly and unequivocally demonstrates that these materials are chemically and physically identical to those which have, over centuries, also become attached to the nails.

The idea of science and religion colliding is admittedly a bit weird, with the former’s foundational beliefs contradicting everything that Jesus and the Bible stands for.


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