Caitlyn Jenner has responded to Joe Rogan’s ‘joke’ that she only transitioned because she lived with the Kardashians for so long, describing him as a ‘homophobic, transphobic ass’.

Rogan made the comments during an episode of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience last Friday, September 11, as he explained a ‘Caitlyn bit’ he’d performed in his 2016 Netflix special, Triggered.

Addressing Tim Kennedy, a retired mixed martial arts fighter who was the episode’s featured guest, Rogan deadnamed and misgendered Caitlyn throughout the podcast, while insisting he was not ‘dehumanising trans people,’ he was just asking: ‘Are we sure?’

Part of the ‘joke’ involved Rogan trying to find a reason for Caitlyn’s transition, with the comedian telling Kennedy: ‘Maybe if you live with crazy b*tches long enough, they f*cking turn you into one. Maybe you go crazy.’

Joe Rogan & Caitlyn Jenner
Joe Rogan & Caitlyn Jenner

‘We lost a f*cking Olympic gold medallist, goddamn it,’ he continued, while consistently using the wrong pronouns to describe her and avoiding calling her Caitlyn, instead using the name she previously went by before transitioning. ‘We lost one of our greatest athletes ever.’

Speaking to TMZ about his comments, Caitlyn described Rogan as a ‘homophobic, transphobic ass,’ before stating that his joke that she only transitioned because of her family was ‘not even close’.

Caitlyn explained:

I have been gender dysphoric my entire life… Once I got to the point in life where my kids were raised, and they’re all doing well, maybe I could live the remainder of my life authentically.

And it has been the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had. I wake up in the morning every day and I’m so happy because I can just be myself all day.

Being gender dysphoric, transitioning, all of that is not a joke. It’s very serious stuff, concerning family, friends, society, all of these types of things… and I just feel like Joe Rogan has a lot to learn.


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Aside from the way Rogan characterised Caitlyn, she also wanted to address his characterisation of her family, saying she’s fed up of his constant insults.

‘He calls my family, especially the girls, crazy b*tches, and he does this all the time,’ she explained. ‘Let’s get real here. My daughters have obviously done extremely well. They’re more famous, they have more money than he has, they have just about everything more than he has.’

She went on to say the only reason Rogan achieved fame is by ‘putting other people down and making jokes about it’, adding: ‘My family has done it through hard work.’

You tell him, Caitlyn.


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