Magician and illusionist David Blaine is the guest on Joe Rogan‘s new podcast and at one point in the epsiode, he makes Joe stab him through the arm with an ice pick.

We’re accustomed to him using extreme forms of endurance to shock his audience, but getting stabbed…? Bit far, Dave.

During his two-hour appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, David has all sorts to say, and even swallows a live frog at one point (more about that below). But as you can see from the video below, one particular stunt sees him talk Joe through the process of stabbing him in the arm.

Of course, he may be a death-defying illusionist but he’ll still want to avoid getting infected by dirty sharp objects, so David makes sure it’s cleaned first, with unscented alcohol wipes.

Joe asks the question on everyone’s lips: “Why do you enjoy this?”

Dave then references the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, saying that he died because he pulled a sting ray from his heart, but adding that you can ‘override’ pain with your mind… Please, please don’t take his advice.

He then proceeds to show Joe how to do the bizarre, and – you could argue – totally unnecessary act of pushing the instrument through his right arm.

After an initial aborted attempt, they go ahead with the stunt – sure enough, the pick comes right out of the other side of Blaine’s arm. In a particularly vomit-inducing part, he stretches the skin over the end of the pick as it makes his way through his arm, then pops it through and laughs.

A bemused Joe channels the bemusement most of us are probably feeling and just says: “OK…” before standing up and going back round to the other side of the desk.


Magician David Blaine pulled off a bizarre stunt at Joe Rogan Podcast
Magician David Blaine pulled off a bizarre stunt at Joe Rogan Podcast

SOME THING, AIN’T IT – Magician David Blaine Pulls Off Sick And Bizarre Trick For Joe Rogan Podcast #1527

On another part of the show, he swallows a live frog. The magician explained how he’s done this trick with up to 10 frogs in the past, but for the purposes of the podcast, he’d do it this time with just one.

After keeping the frog in his stomach for a little over five minutes, David tried to bring it back up.

To be honest, it’s a pretty gross watch even without the added detail of the frog, because you’re essentially watching a grown man stare into the ceiling while he burps, spits and brings up water.

But, after several attempts and a whole load of uncomfortable viewing, David’s mouth swells and he asks Joe to stick out his hands. Lo and behold, he manages to bring the frog back up.

“So, that’s the frog trick,” David said to Joe, seeming pretty pleased with himself.

Again, and I can not stress this enough, do NOT try this at home.


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