A teenager from Georgia who lost both his parents to coronavirus has had more than $400,000 raised for him, with funds going towards paying for his basic necessities while enabling him to ‘pursue his educational dreams and aspirations’.

17-year-old Justin Hunter tragically lost his parents, Eugene and Angie Hunter, last week after they tested positive for the virus. After developing worrying symptoms, they had quarantined separately at home.

Sadly, their symptoms worsened and they ended up having to call an ambulance. Eugene died July 26 at the age of 59, with Angie passing away just days later on July 30 at the age of 56. Neither of them had suffered from pre-existing health conditions.

Justin, who attends Johns Creek High School in Atlanta, also contracted the virus, but was found to be asymptomatic. He doesn’t know how his family contracted the virus, and has stated that his parents had been taking all the proper safety precautions.

Justin Hunter has raised $400K after hjis parents died of coronavirus
Justin Hunter has raised $400K after hjis parents died of coronavirus

Speaking with WSB-TV, Justin said they had been ‘a regular family just trying to stay safe during this pandemic’, stating that his mother had made sure to wear masks and gloves when going to the store.

After contracting the virus, the couple became ‘very sick’, displaying clear symptoms, such as soaring temperatures, headaches and a ‘horrible cough’.

Eugene and Angie Hunter met in college and were married for 35 years. Angie was a human resources professional, and Eugene was a gifted saxophone player. Beloved members of the community, they were always willing to help others.

Justin told WSB-TV:

They were just loving toward everybody. No matter what. If you had a problem, they would be there to help you. You know that they had very big hearts and they would give without even thinking about getting anything back.

Justin’s parents were also very supportive of his dream of playing football in college, before going pro. A linebacker for his school’s football team, Justin now plans to dedicate his senior season to his mother and father.

He said:

Since I started playing, we always talked about me playing in college and then playing in the pros. They would have wanted me to keep going and get a scholarship and my schoolwork done.

In their last conversation, Justin’s mother told him that she loved him and that ‘God has you’, while his father promised he would ‘keep fighting’.

Claira Janover GoFundMe
Claira Janover GoFundMe


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Now, a GoFundMe page set up to help Justin has raised more than $444,000 at the time of writing, well above the $350,000 target.

A message of thanks on the page reads:

Thank you so much for showing your love for Justin during this desperate time of need! Justin we LOVE you and will always be here for you!

Justin has also expressed gratitude for the generous donations, tweeting:

Thank you all for your support. It means the world to me. I won’t be responding to text or calls at this time, but I will get back to all of you soon. Love you all.

Our thoughts are with Justin at this difficult time, as well as with all those who have lost loved ones during the ongoing health crisis.

You can donate to Justin’s GoFundMe page here.


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