Actress Kaley Cuoco celebrated her 34th birthday in a very special way.

The “Big Bang Theory” star posted a video to Instagram on Saturday featuring the cast and crew of her upcoming show, “The Flight Attendant,” singing “Happy Birthday” and giving her a cake.

“This might have been the coolest birthday to date,” Cuoco said in the caption. “I turned 34 on camera while shooting our final TFA Bangkok scene overlooking the Thailand skyline surrounded by extreme support and love.”

“Thank you everyone for making me feel so special so far from home! Also, my bday is just starting in the states so I’m gonna ride this wave as long as humanly possible.”

In the video, Cuoco profoundly thanks her crew and co-stars, saying: “Thank you so much, this has been such an unbelievable experience. I can’t believe I turned an age on camera!”

Cuoco’s famous friends sounded off in the comments, as well.

“Happy birthday gorgeous, funny, kind, wonderful Kaley!!” said Courteney Cox.

Chelsea Handler said: “Happy 34th Kaley!”


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