The social site pulled down her verified account — followed by 2.2 million fans — after she livestreamed her topless self doing a naughty act, then suggested she could get away with her shenanigans because she was having an affair with Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri. 

Sunderland, 25, known for filming a sex scene in the library of Oregon State University, started her accusations about Mosseri, who is married with three kids, when she posted a topless photo of herself several weeks ago and told her followers she could put up the picture because she was “blowing” the “CEO of Instagram,” according to screengrabs captured by the Daily Beast

Despite complaints from users, Instagram claimed Sunderland’s post didn’t go against community guidelines.

Bragged Sunderland: “Hey guys! I just wanna let you know I’m not deleted yet… I’m batshit crazy. I might be sucking off the CEO of Instagram. But whatever it is, I’m here to stay!”

Fellow porn star Alana Evans pointed out Sunderland’s post in a tweet: “I don’t usually call out performers for their behavior on Instagram, but today I am done. This was posted to IG AFTER Kendra sucked off a dildo while TOPLESS LIVE on her IG story! NO MORE NEGOTIATIONS @INSTAGRAM Hey @mosseri wtf is this? Does your wife know?”


Sunderland’s account was history within 12 hours after Evans took to Twitter. 

A rep for Facebook, which owns Instagram, told the Daily Beast: “Over a billion people use Instagram and at times that means we make mistakes. This account violated our policies and we’ve now removed it. This person has no connection to executives at our company, and claims that she received preferential treatment are baseless.”

Sunderland blamed the videos on alcohol and insisted she has never met Mosseri, according to the Daily Beast.

“I was also going crazy on Live yesterday, doing things I know I shouldn’t have, and was just drunk and didn’t care. I’m guessing that’s why. I would be surprised if the other reason was why, because I said it in such a joking manner. I never even really knew who the CEO of Instagram was, or anything. I’ve never met this person before in my life.”


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