Los Angeles will be reopening beaches on Wednesday (May 13), but not all activities will be allowed.

The Department of Beaches and Harbors in Los Angeles has announced that individuals and families doing activities and exercise at the beach will be allowed, but you are not allowed to do things like sunbathing or sitting in the sand.


  • OCEAN ACTIVITIES: Examples: Surfing and Swimming
  • EXERCISE: Walking and Running


  • Gathering, Sitting, or Sunbathing
  • Picknicking, Canopies, or Coolers
  • Biking or Volleyball

If you are at the beach, physical distancing and masks are still required, but if you are in the water, you are allowed to take your mask off.

“I urge everyone to follow all Public Health Orders for your safety and your neighbors, and please use the beach responsibly by practicing physical distancing,” Manhattan Beach Mayor Richard Montgomery said in a statement. “If beach visitors do not follow all the rules, the State of California or Los Angeles County can once again close our beaches. By abiding by these measures, you will play an important role in keeping the beaches open.”


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