Louis Theroux has come up with a new way to keep us all entertained during isolation by launching his own podcast for the first time.

I know, how he hasn’t recorded his own podcast already remains a mystery to me. It seems everybody and his dog has, and yet Louis Theroux – the man people would literally pay to listen to – hasn’t?

Luckily he hasn’t though, which means now is the perfect time for us to be graced with his debut podcast, aptly named Grounded With Louis Theroux.

The podcast launched on BBC Sounds yesterday, April 20, but so far just a ‘short preview episode’ is available to download. The first full episode will be available next Monday, April 27.

Each episode will be around an hour long and will see Theroux speaking (virtually) to some of the biggest names in both the UK and the US, as they each get used to life during lockdown.

Starting with journalist and documentary filmmaker Jon Ronson, who is currently isolating in New York, Theroux will also interview Lenny Henry, Boy George and Miriam Margolyes in the weeks to come – with more names to be announced soon.

This will be the first time the filmmaker has profiled celebrities since his series When Louis Met… began 20 years ago, during which he famously interviewed Max Clifford, Chris Eubank and Jimmy Savile.

Speaking about the podcast, Theroux said, as per the BBC:

I’ve really loved doing these interviews. It’s been a chance to speak to people I admire and have in depth conversations with them, about their lives, their careers, and their most intimate feelings.

Making a podcast and radio series is very different to my usual way of working. And for that reason, I’ve found it very fun and refreshing.

Where can I get it?

Produced by Mindhouse Productions – an independent production company founded by Theroux, Arron Fellows and Nancy Strang – the podcast will be available to download on BBC Sounds every Monday, with each episode being broadcast on BBC Radio 4 the following week.

Rhian Roberts, Radio 4 Commissioning Editor for Digital and Podcasts, shared our surprise that this will be Theroux’s first podcast, ‘given his famous voice and interview style’.

As such, she said they ‘couldn’t be happier to welcome him to Radio 4’, adding: ‘It feels like such a treat in these times to settle down with a podcast full of warmth and mischief – and a lot of insight.’

Well I don’t know about you lot but Monday can’t come quick enough now. And if you simply can’t wait until then, you can have a sneak preview here.


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