Maci Currin, from Cedar Park in Austin, Texas, comes from a relatively tall family, but with her left leg measuring 135.267cm and her right leg measuring 134.3cm she still towers over her siblings, her 6ft5 father, and her 5ft7 mother.

The teen began to notice she was taller than her peers from a young age, and rather than having one rapid growth spurt Maci grew around four to five inches a year, meaning she was consistently getting taller throughout her youth.

Though she has been bullied for her height in the past, Maci learned to stop caring what people thought of her and to be proud of who she is. She ‘wasn’t affected by anything’ people said about her and decided to go after a Guinness World Record to inspire tall people everywhere to embrace their height.

Maci Currin, in Austin, Texas, has the longest legs in the world
Maci Currin, in Austin, Texas, has the longest legs in the world

Maci’s mum, Trish, commended her daughter for her self-confidence, saying:

I’ve always been so proud of Maci, she’s always taken to her height very well, she was never one of those kids that scrunched over or leaned over and tried to hide her height.

I’m very proud of her and excited for her to be recognised for her height and for her beauty.

She’s going to realise more and more how the fact that she is taller is going to benefit her more. I always encourage her to be proud of what she has.

Maci’s legs make up 60% of her total height, and they’ve earned her the Guinness World Records for longest female legs and the longest legs on a teenager.

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Due to her unique height the teen has to have clothes custom made, with Trish admitting that they have to ‘really plan ahead’ for special occasions that require certain outfits.

Maci commented:

If I walk into a regular store, nothing will fit me because they don’t really make clothes in my size.

My sweatshirts and hoodies are all… one is like an XXL so that the sleeves are long enough because if I get them in a medium then the sleeves are too short.

Her long legs have prompted her to hit her head ‘on a lot of stuff’, and they can make it more difficult for her to get into certain cars, but Maci sees being tall as a ‘gift’ and wants to make other women feel the same, saying: ‘You should really embrace it.’


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