The fictional character is sexually fluid, and – spoiler alert! – has a drunken hookup with Jess (Kate McKinnon) in the film, a closeted lesbian. Afterward, her character says “Oh, I’m not a lesbian!”

“She’s just slept with a woman! I wanted to deliver that completely genuinely, not being ironic, not being sarcastic,” Margot says of that line.

“I secretly want a spinoff movie where Kayla and Jess go on a road trip with their opposing political views and their blossoming romance,” she went on to say, hypothesizing that her character “compartmentalizes” her attraction to women.

“And she is not going to acknowledge it until she’s 60,” adding that she’d have several marriages to men, and will have kids, but in her head, she sees “the woman that she eventually leaves them for.”

She also told director Jay Roach of her long-term vision for the character.

“Yeah! Jay was probably a little surprised but entertained by that, I’m sure. I was like, ‘I know this doesn’t come into play in the movie, I just need to know what happens to Kayla.’”


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