To “Star Wars” fans, Luke Skywalker is a kindhearted farm boy turned rebel who helps bring balance to the Force and definitely kisses his sister too many times. But according to Mark Hamill, in a galaxy not so far, far away, you could have seen Luke a bit differently.

While chatting on an episode of “Russo Bros. Pizza Film School” released on YouTube last week, Hamill discussed how Luke Skywalker’s original introduction in “Star Wars” was cut from the film. In the final version, Luke comes into the story when he and his uncle are buying R2-D2 and C-3PO from the Jawas.

But Hamill explains he was originally going to appear even sooner.

“As soon as the robots jettison off of the ship that Vader’s on, you cut to this kid in the desert working on a moisture evaporator. He sees a little thing up in the sky, takes out his micro-binoculars,” Hamill said.

That little thing is Leia’s ship being captured by Darth Vader’s, and Luke, very excitedly, heads off to the infamous Tosche Station to tell all the cool kids what he’s seen. Yes, the same Tosche Station he never makes it to later in the film after being denied a super fun trip to pick up power converters.


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