Microsoft‘s classic computer game Solitaire is 30 years old today (Friday 22 May) and fans are hoping to mark the occasion by setting a new record for the most games played in one day.

The game remains one of the most-played in the world to this day, having launched on Windows 3.0 back in 1990, when it served as a useful means of teaching people how to drag and drop items with their mouse.

Fast-forward to today and the game is played on computers, laptops, tablets and phones in more than 200 different countries across the globe. The game hosts more than 35 million players each month and more than 100 million hands are played every day, according to Microsoft.

This enduring popularity saw the game inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame last year.

Microsoft's Solitaire
Microsoft’s Solitaire

Now, in a bid to celebrate its 30th anniversary, Microsoft is hoping players will set a new record for the most games played in a single day.

In a statement, Microsoft casual games studio head, Paul Jensen, said: “Its Microsoft Solitaire‘s unmatched familiarity and availability that’s contributed to its unending popularity, with more than half a billion players in the past decade alone.

“Whether you play to take a break and relax or to test your brain for a challenge, we offer you, our players, a sincere round of applause for your passion and dedication.

“No matter where you shuffle the deck from – whether it’s the US, Japan, Brazil, China, or the UK – coincidentally, that’s in order the territories with the most Microsoft Solitaire players, or the Cocos Islands, Anguilla, Vatican City, Barbados, or New Zealand, in order the territories with the most players per capita (I love this stat!) – thank you for creating this amazing community!”

You can get involved with the record attempt by simply playing the game, or if that just isn’t enough for you, then you can also take part in extra bits of anniversary fun on the Microsoft Solitaire Facebook page.

And if that still isn’t enough to sate your appetite for Solitaire anniversary celebrations, then you can also buy commemorative 30th anniversary merchandise, including a mug priced at $14.99 (£12) and a t-shirt costing $24.99 (£21).

You can get your Solitaire mega fan hands on the merch here.


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