American influencer Kaylen Ward began the generous scheme last week in an effort to encourage donations to firefighters, charities and residents tackling fires that are currently devastating the country.

Ward was inundated with requests for nudes, and earlier today, January 7, she announced her offer had raised approximately $1 million.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote:

Would you believe me if I told you we raised an estimated $1million.

Though sending nudes proved a brilliant way to raise money, Ward ended up receiving more requests than she could handle, meaning she had to put an end to the scheme.

Shortly after announcing how much she had raised, the influencer wrote:

Ward initially launched the donation scheme with the hope it would raise ‘a few thousand dollars’, MailOnline reports, so her actual total is truly incredible.

In spite of her success, however, a number of people criticized the model for sending nude pictures and accused her of only creating the deal to promote herself.

Some Twitter users claim the model made money off the stunt, but Ward assured her followers she ‘did not make a single dime from the donations’.

She defended herself online, writing:

Ward went on to say she created the offer because she ‘wanted to do something good’, even though it meant ‘being exposed on the internet to millions and millions of people’.

In another tweet, she pointed out the donation scheme ‘isn’t even really about’ her.

Though Ward has been met with negative comments, she has also received a wealth of support from social media users who have praised the model for doing her part to help during the crisis.

Bushfires in Australia have destroyed more than 6.3 million hectares of land and thousands of homes, while also claiming the lives of numerous people and millions of animals.

After helping to raise $1 million for the crisis, Ward has certainly earned herself a break.


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