xPopular YouTuber’s DIY torture device slammed by women

MEDIEVAL PAIN – YouTuber Slammed By Women For Sick DIY Torture Device

Judging by his past instructional videos — a spiked “study” chair for “sleepy” students, or a spring-loaded head thumper — it would be fair to assume...
The bunker, built in 1961 (and abandoned since 1991) under a field in St. Agnes, Cornwall, is on the market for $50,000. Auction House Devon and Cornwall

CHEAP HOPE – This Cold War Nuke Bunker Is On Sale For $50K

Worried the COVID-19 vaccine might turn people into zombies? Afraid of a new Cold War? Or do you just simply want a simple...
New York City

AND COUNTING – COVID-19 Killed 1M Jobs In New York In 2020

Here’s why New Yorkers need to get a whole lot more coronavirus vaccine: The economy is in the tank. New...

SAY HI – NYPD Rolls Out Video Showing Suspects Attack Cop Car

The NYPD has released video showing suspects wanted for stealing and then stripping an unmarked police car in the Bronx — with one seemingly...
Joe Biden

46TH AND CATHOLIC – President Joe Biden Attends First Church Sunday

President Biden attended Mass on the first Sunday after he entered the White House — and then stopped on the ride back...
Human remains found in Westchester County may be related to 1989 case

1989 CRIME – Human Remains found In Westchester Possibly Tied To Brenda Kerber Case

Human remains found in a car submerged in a Westchester County reservoir last week could be linked to the 1989 disappearance of...
11-year-old Brooklyn girl dies after SUV flips in police chase

SLASHED – NYPD Rolls Out Chinatown Assault Attackers Video Who Stripped Man Off His...

https://twitter.com/NYPDnews/status/1353108997709189120 NYPD released video of the attackers who beat and stripped man and are seeking witnesses. The suspects took the...
Zeshaan Naqvi, the New York City teacher who allegedly traveled to Tampa, Florida to have sex with a teen. Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office

COPS SAY – NYC Teacher Travelled To Florida To Have Sex With Underage Student

A middle school history NYC teacher traveled to Florida to have sex with an underage teen he’d spent months chatting with online,...
Levi Bellfield murdered three people, including 13-year-old Milly Dowler. Metropolitan Police via AP

WOW – UK Shocked After Serial Killer Offered COVID-19 Vaccine

One of the UK’s most notorious serial killers has been offered a COVID-19 jab before millions of Britain’s elderly and most vulnerable...
Larry King battles COVID

“AN AMAZING FATHER” – Larry King’s Death By COVID-19 Has Shocked His Sons

Larry King’s three sons have spoken about the devastation of losing their “amazing father” to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We...