After marrying her husband Justin Dean, a Los Angeles based Chiropractor and health visionary, Korra gave birth this year to her beautiful daughter, June Dean. The baby, expected to be born in June, was delayed until July. The day of her birth was documented and shared on Instagram and YouTube, which is not a surprise for Korra’s fans, as she has always had a willingness to share her life, even the most intimate of moments, with her fans.

This is why the world loves Korra. Without censorship she speaks on her social media about family, politics, music and entertainment, and most recently, marriage and becoming a new mother.

During her pregnancy Korra kept dancing and sharing her passions for dance with her fans and the world. Twerking even into her last trimester with her attentive, compassionate and talented husband adjusting her throughout the pregnancy. She even auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance towards the end of her pregnancy.

Korra Obidi Pregnancy
Korra Obidi Pregnancy with Talia Witkowski

Korra bears it all in her new Podcast Wine with Korra featured here and in AUDIO. After giving birth Korra, who is usually the life of the party, suffered from postpartum depression and had difficulty adjusting to motherhood. Her desire to share her experience and help begin the “wining session” for new mothers everywhere inspired her new podcast. 

Wine with Korra is a place where you can talk about anything and everything – nothing is “off limits.”

As a first time mother and new wife, Korra Obidi went from Nigerian Superstar (musician and professional dancer), to living in Los Angeles, marrying the love of her life, and having her first child.

It wasn’t what she expected but she’s enjoying every moment by doing what she does best – sharing her experiences – her highs and lows – with her loving fans, fellow moms, and most of all, those who need to hear the truth so they don’t feel alone.

Korra’s talent is matched only by her heart which is expressed in every episode as she holds nothing back, bears it all, and teaches from her own experience, how to survive motherhood, and womanhood in general.

Her first guest is Dr. Talia Witkowski. A friend and a clinical psychologist, who helps Korra, and her listeners, discuss and explore new motherhood, postpartum and other necessary conversation to survive motherhood.

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Korra Obidi
Korra Obidi Pregnancy


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