The photo set included a cheeky photo of Munn performing a handstand under the sunlight by the pool.

“Whether it’s doing martial arts together or yoga or just handstands by the pool, it’s always a good time w @karine_lmx ?,” the “Magic Mike” actress captioned the photo.

Fans filled up the comment section with praise for the “X-Men” star.

“Love your strength,” one user wrote.

“You definitely have my attention,” another user wrote.

One user jokingly noted: “Now some poor kid has to Windex butt prints off the glass. It’s a tough job, but he does it with pride.”

Fans also praised Lemieux for her matching athleticism.

“You two look amazing,” one user noted.

“Beautiful handstands,” another user wrote.

“You GO girls!!!” another user commented to cheer them on.

Munn’s athleticism is complemented by her love for martial arts. Munn started taekwondo as a child and picked it up again in 2015 while training for a movie.

“When you do martial arts, it makes you feel like you’re physically capable of anything,” she said in an interview with Women’s Health. “And the great side effect is that when you’re in your best shape, you actually will look your best too.”


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