Footage taken during a plane‘s landing captures a passenger’s screams as the aircraft attempts to land five times during stormy weather.

The Air Europa flight was travelling from Madrid to Amsterdam, having taken off just after 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

But the pilot had to turn back to the original airport they’d departed from, deciding that would be the best way to land the plane safely.

Air Europa plane cabin
Air Europa plane cabin

In the clip, filmed by a passenger called Mark Haagen, one woman can be heard crying as she fears for her safety, while the dark plane jolts up and down from the turbulence.

As the plane shakes violently, the female passenger lets out a series of screams, repeatedly saying: “Oh my God.”

Haagen said some of the others on board were also vomiting during the bumpy journey, and that items of luggage were thrown around the cabin.

In total, the plane had to make five attempts to land at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, but eventually the pilot turned everyone around and made his way back to Madrid.

Air Europa flight trajectory
Air Europa flight trajectory

Haagen, from Kamerik in the Netherlands, had been visiting the Spanish capital with two friends for the weekend.

He said he felt it was ‘irresponsible’ and ‘strange’ that he and hundreds of others had been allowed to fly in such weather.

Haagen told RTL Nieuws: “We made a restart five times at Schiphol but we were unable to land.

“The pilot stopped the landing twice at the very last moment and we took off again at 150 meters above the runway. Really not cool.

Air Europa plane trying to land amid Ciara storm
Air Europa plane trying to land amid Ciara storm

People were puking

“People screamed and were puking. The turbulence was enormous, everything vibrated and went back and forth. The luggage flew back and forth.”

The pilot apparently tried to use a wider runway, but this didn’t work.

Haagen also claimed there was a lack of communication during the landing attempts, criticising the pilot and crew, saying: “There was little communication. I saw on a screen that we were returning to Madrid after five attempts to land. We did not know where we were.”

A spokeswoman for Air Europa said: “The Flight UX1093 from Madrid to Amsterdam couldn’t land at Amsterdam airport due to bad weather and returned to Madrid.

“Passengers were attended to at all times, accommodated in hotels and alternatives to reach their destinations the day after were managed by our staff.”


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