Quentin and Amy discuss the time he was an Elvis impersonator on Golden Girls, how creating mixtapes is an integral part of his writing process, the one Marvel comic book he would turn into a movie, and Brad Pitt going shirtless in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

“Wow, this is actually the closest to homoerotica I’ve ever filmed. Alright? This is a, this is very Joe Gage. Alright?,” Quentin told Amy. “Very 1970′s uh, uh, a handyman guy in the roof.”

“You know, so it’s like uh, um, I go, ‘Okay, so I’m thinking maybe like, you know, okay, you unbutton, you unbutton the Hawaiian shirt, and peel that off’,” Quentin described filming the scene. “And then peel off the champion t-shirt.” And he’s like, ‘Really? Want me to through all that button bullshit? I just, I just take it off in one big go.’”

You can listen to the newest episode featuring Quentin Tarantino here!

Brad Pitt won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his work in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.


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