When it comes to the PS5, if you snooze, you lose… unless you bring your bed to the shop. 

The PlayStation 5 launch came and went in a frenzy. For those lucky enough to already have a pre-order, it was a day for celebration (paired with some anxious waiting on deliveries).

Alas, for those trying to secure one online, it was a stressful, often disappointing day. More stock has trickled out, but you need some sort of divine intervention to get one, it seems.

After Walmart’s borderline disastrous restock – not for the retailer, but for those beaten by the lightning quick sales – GameStop announced it would have in-stock consoles available today, November 27, when stores open at 7am for Black Friday.

However, gamers were warned over extremely limited stock. We’re not talking around 30 consoles, we’re not even looking at 10. Shops were set to have a minimum of two PS5s and two Xbox Series X consoles.


Sony Playstation 5 will be fully compatible with all PS4 titles
Sony Playstation 5 will be fully compatible with all PS4 titles

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Naturally, people have been camping out in a bid to get their very own next-gen system. One gamer, extraordinarily prepared, brought a full bed to the outside of the shop. Twitter user @SaycheeseDGTL posted the photo, writing: ‘Gamers are camping outside of GameStop on Black Friday to get the new PS5! Some stores only have 2-4 consoles in stock!’

One user replied: ‘Y’all missing the point… bro sleepin good asf in the front knowing he finna get that PS5.’ Another wrote: ‘Stopped by yesterday and seen a full on tent over there lol that pic looks like they got mattresses!’


Despite the promise of two consoles per store, some customers have reported branches only having one PS5 available for the entirety of Black Friday.


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