Porn star Ron Jeremy is facing new sexual assault allegations by Los Angeles authorities, according to a new report Saturday.

“Sexual assault allegations against Ron Jeremy are under review by our office. No filing decision has been made,” Greg Risling, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office told The Daily Beast.

The web site said Jeremy, through his manager, declined to comment. He did not immediately return a call from The Post.

LA authorities were also reportedly probing Jeremy in 2018 after a woman alleged he groped her in the bathroom of a West Hollywood bar.

Porn star Ron Jeremy
Porn star Ron Jeremy

Jeremy, 67, thrust himself in the news last week when he tweeted pleas to save a tree he said his father planted in front of his childhood home in Queens.

“This tree was planted by my dad the day I was born,” Jeremy wrote, adding, HELP RON JEREMY SAVE HIS WOOD,” and, “Please make this trend.”

Porn star Janice Griffith tweeted “did Ron tweet this in between bouts of sexually harassing people? he’s banned from almost all adult industry events for groping people without consent.”

Griffith told The Daily Beast that Jeremy “groped me when I was a teenager.”


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