Ron Paul’s Twitter account shared a health update from the former Congressman after he had a medical scare on live video earlier in the day. The photo showed Paul giving a thumb’s up and saying he is doing fine.

His Tweet Said He Was Doing Fine

Ron Paul’s tweet reads: “Message from Ron Paul: ‘I am doing fine. Thank you for your concern.’”

It’s good news for supporters who were worried about his health and expressing prayers and well wishes for Paul and his family.

Chad Pergram of Fox News had reported earlier that Paul was hospitalized for precautionary reasons.

Paul appeared to suffer a medical emergency on a live video earlier in the day on September 25, leading some to wonder if he had a stroke. His face began to droop and he started slurring his words in the middle of a Liberty Report live stream, after he had been talking perfectly fine just seconds before.

With a stroke, the outcome is most hopeful if medical attention can be provided immediately, Mayo Clinic reported. However, it’s not known what caused Paul’s symptoms during the video. There has not yet been an official statement about what happened to Paul.


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