Halloween might be a bit different this year, but that’s no excuse not to go all out on your costume. And one pet groomer has taken things to the next level by turning her pup into a skeleton dog.

Katrina Short, the main artistic groomer at Classy Canines Wiggle Rumps in Castro Valley, California, used her skills to transform her poodle, named Zeus Zebradoodle, by trimming and dying its fur into a spookily accurate skeleton.

Katrina says she was inspired to give Zeus a festive makeover after watching cartoons with her kids.

Woman trims poodle into skeleton dog for Halloween
Woman trims poodle into skeleton dog for Halloween

She said:

I recently watched a movie with my kids called Frankenweenie. Once I got the idea, I could not sleep until I made it happen.

I did research on the anatomically correct skeleton of a standard poodle. The bones I carved out are exactly where they should be.


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Using pet-friendly products, it took several hours for Katrina to create the look she wanted, but she says Zeus was totally un-phased by the experience. ‘He absolutely loves to be creatively groomed,’ she said, adding: ‘He loves the attention he gets and gets kind of sad when he is not creatively groomed.’

Katrina has been working as a pet groomer for 14 years, and often posts her designs to Instagram. And she says Zeus’ latest look has turned him into a ‘red carpet celebrity,’ adding that he’s even getting stopped in the street for pictures

‘Whenever anyone sees him in person they immediately fall in love,’ Katrina said. ‘Everybody wants to take a picture with him. Cars in the street have slammed on their brakes to pull over to take photos.’ We can certainly see why.


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