We start with the basics: what is the Coronavirus? Irwin gives us details on the virus that’s been making waves around the world. You’ll find out what we know and what we don’t know so far. Explore what makes something a pandemic and how viruses like this come about. Learn the similarities between COVID-19 and the seasonal flu. We discuss the processes behind getting a vaccine in place to deal with this issue. In the meantime, Irwin tells us all the things we can do to be preventative.

We discuss whether people are over-reacting to the outbreak. Irwin explains why paying attention to the updates about the virus is appropriate and why going over the top and panicking is not appropriate. You’ll learn about the most important aspects of disaster preparedness when it comes to virus outbreaks.

Irwin shares why clear and transparent communication between a government and its citizens is one of the most vital measures to have in place during a pandemic. Lastly, we explore the reasons to be hopeful during the upcoming weeks. All that, plus, we answer your fan-submitted Cosmic Queries.

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