The wait is almost over for Jackass 4, which is set for release in March 2021. Yet fans expecting the original crew to get back together may be disappointed, since Steve-O has revealed he still hasn’t agreed a contract with Paramount for the new movie.

Speaking to MMA Junkie when he was in Las Vegas for UFC 246, the Steve-O said: “It has been greenlit by Paramount Pictures, yeah. They say March of 2021, but they haven’t given me an offer that I can really take seriously yet.

“Not to be rude or anything, but… I don’t have a contract yet. So we’ll see.”

Jackass 4
Jackass 4

Steve-O added: “I’m rooting for all the bros. It’s just a weird situation. But I love all my Jackass buddies, and I just gotta do it differently this time. They gotta fix it.”

Johnny Knoxville, who created the original series with Spike Jonze and Jeff Tremaine, has toyed with the idea for several years, but it has only recently been given the go-ahead.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly last year about the prospect of a fourth movie, the 48-year-old said: “It’s possible, for sure. It’s not like we’re saying no. If we did do a new one, we’d have to bring in some new younger guys – just to bring some fresh blood into it. But it’s possible.”

Steve O

Knoxville revealed that there is still loads of material for the crew to get up to, so it wouldn’t be difficult to get a fourth movie together.

He said: “I still write ideas down, just in case I get that twitch again. We’re sitting on a tonne of new ideas. There was so many that we didn’t get to shoot for Jackass 3. We have more ideas than we could shoot for Jackass 4, I’ll tell you that.

Johnny Knoxville
Johnny Knoxville

“It’s a comedy, but a few of my friends and family members are over that part of it. I totally understand where they’re coming from. I’ve been doing this for so long, it’s kind of tough to stop. I gotta take care of myself, but God, I don’t want to stop. Am I sick?

“If we did Jackass 4, I would commit. But I may need to give my family a break for a second.”

Let’s just hope they get Steve-O on board. It wouldn’t be the same with him.


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