A girl who has the longest hair in the world for a teenager has gone and broken her own record.

Nilanshi Patel was of course best placed to break the record, which she did by simply not trimming her already record-breakingly long mane.

The 17-year-old, from Modasa, India, now has head hair that measures in at 6ft 2in long (190cm) – that’s 20cms of growth since it was last measured in November 2018.

Speaking to AFP, she said: “At six, I had a very bad experience at a local salon.

Nillanshi Patel
Nillanshi Patel

“Since then I have been apprehensive about cutting my hair. My parents accepted my wishes and now my locks have become my lucky charm.”

More than 10 years on, and Nilanshi has developed a routine of washing her hair once a week, before spending an hour combing it and half an hour drying it. So it seems safe to say the hair has saved her money, but lost her time.

Naturally, she only tends to have it down for illustrative pictures such as the ones in this article; indeed, if she wants to have it down without it touching the ground, she has to wear heels.

To avoid tripping/accumulating crap, she normally favours a braid or a bun. She also treats it with a special oil created by her mother, Kaminibenat.

Nilanshi will have to go a lot longer without cutting her hair though if she wants to break the female record for longest head hair in the world. This was set by Xie Qiuping in 2004, when her hair measured in at 18ft 5in (562cm); that’s nearly the height of a giraffe, if that’s a measure you find easier to comprehend for some reason.

She started growing hers in 1973 when she was 13-years-old – so Nilanshi could well beat it if she so wishes, though it could take another 20 years.

Nillanshi Patel
Nillanshi Patel

If she does want to beat the Chinese champion of massive hair, she may want to heed some of her advice.

Xie said: “It’s no trouble at all. I’m used to it. But you need patience and you need to hold yourself straight when you have hair like this.”


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