Worried the COVID-19 vaccine might turn people into zombies? Afraid of a new Cold War? Or do you just simply want a simple place to call your own that no one else can get to? Then you’re in luck!

A cozy bunker, built in 1961 (and abandoned since 1991) under a field in St. Agnes, Cornwall, is on the market for $50,000. Built to survive a nuclear bomb blast and with enough provisions for two months, the one room shelter also comes complete with the original rust bunkbed frames and a dubious working toilet. It’s accessed by lifting a hatch and climbing down a rusty ladder.

The bunker was part of a network of 1563 observation posts across Britain used by volunteers of the Royal Observation Corps.

“This is a former Royal Observation Corps lookout station,” Adam Cook, director of Auction House Devon and Cornwall, told The Sun. “Also known as a nuclear bunker, it acted as a Cold War observation point which was opened in 1961 and decommissioned in 1991.

“It’s historic stuff, there’s a couple of old bunk beds down there and a small chemical toilet, it’s a small piece of British history,” he continued. “We have had a lot of interest in it from lots of people who presumably want to use it as their own COVID-secure hideout.”

The bunker, which is being sold by Devon and Cornwall, also includes gadgets like a ground zero indicator to locate the location of an explosion, a bomb power indicator, a telephone, radio set and a Geiger counter.


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