A mum-of-two, who is often mistaken for someone in their 20s, has left TikTok users shocked after revealing her real age. 

Gail Murray-Gonzalez, a New York-based stylist, shared the revealing video on TikTok, initially facing away from the camera before turning around and showing off her extremely youthful appearance.

The video shared June 24 has been viewed over 1.9 million times and liked by 40,000 people with fellow TikTokers commenting on their surprise.

Check it out:



Shocks people every time but I’m grown. 😂 ##over40 ##blackdontcrack ##melaninmagic ##blackgirlmagic ##fyp ##summerlooks ##over30

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As the caption reveals, Gail is actually 46.

One person said, ‘You look younger than me and I’m 21…’, while another demanded to see her birth certificate.

TikTok Dance
TikTok Dance

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Another person joked that they would have ID’d her at a bar when ordering a drink. Someone else commented, ‘Girl what’s your secret bc I need to look this fine when I’m 46’.

Gail credits her youthful look to her mother saying: ‘I attribute my youthful appearance to my mom. She’s 71 but could pass for 60.’

Speaking to the MailOnline Gail said:

I think that it’s become more apparent once I turned 40 because many 40-year-olds begin to wrinkle and they start showing signs of age.

I haven’t developed wrinkles and my face still has a youthful appearance so it’s difficult to guess my age. Many people think I’m 25 actually, 30 at the most. Today when I went to the store to pick up wine, the owner looked at my driver’s license and told me that he thought that I was 25.

Phew, at least I know I don’t have to boycott my love of wine to look like Gail at 46.

Offering her advice to other women of her age on how to look stylish she said:

I believe that there’s a thing as looking too young as a middle-aged mom. You can be stylish while keeping it tasteful.

You will not see me out and about in booty shorts and skimpy tops. I want my kids to still respect me as a mom. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a midi dress and accessorizing it and still looking put together and stylish.

Thanks to her effortless style and dress sense, Gail has even amassed a sizeable Instagram following, sharing style tips and wardrobe inspiration with her 76,000 fans.


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