I currently have not one but two rotting plants on my windowsill, and am still sort of kidding myself that they will perk right up after a nice sip of water.

I’m not entirely sure how I managed to kill them off. I’ve been watering them every few days or so, and trying to give them as much sunlight as is realistically possible in Manchester. However, it would appear that I – and so many others – have been caring for our plants wrong for years.

Luckily, TikTok user @0witchhunt10 has shared a hack to keep your houseplants thriving, whether or not you are blessed with green fingers.

In a video overlaid with the words ‘watering day’, a series of beautiful, bright – and clearly very well cared-for – plants were dunked into a glass pot of water, one after the other.

You can clearly see the water in the pot disappearing as the thirsty plants drank their fill. Honestly, I now feel extremely guilty on the less than adequate table service I’ve providing for my ailing lavender.

This ‘bottom watering’ vid has since gone viral after it was shared by Twitter user @AStrangerNobody, and many of my fellow plant murderers have sine shown their admiration, as well as some tips of their own.

One person tweeted:

If you watch the water line when she puts the plant in, each one went down just what it needed. Once you see it stop going down that’s when you remove it!

Another said:

I love watching them go from looking sad to looking so happy.


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