You know, what you choose to name your child is permanent, and could be an absolute deal breaker in terms of whether they get mercilessly picked on in the school yard.

So, you can understand how absolutely baffling it is to learn that two new parents have called their name after an internet provider – just so they can get free wifi. Seriously.


It comes after Swiss internet provider Twifi put out a call offering 18 years of free internet to anyone who changes their child’s legal name to Twifius or Twifia.

I think I would disown my parents the moment I was old enough to release they had sacrificed my name to save a few pennies on wifi.

‘Simply upload a photo of your child’s civil birth certificate. After verification, Twifi will give you 18 years of free internet,’ the ad reads.

Obviously, it sounds absolutely ridiculous, but what’s arguably even more ridiculous is the fact that two parents actually decided to take them up on it.


The 30 and 35-year-old couple, who have chosen to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, have named their baby girl Twifia.

Fortunately, they decided to be a little bit subtle about it and only used it as their darling daughter’s second middle name, which kind of takes the edge off it.

According to Kidspot, the couple have said they will put the money they would have spent on wifi into a savings account for their little girl, who they hope will be able to afford to buy a car with it once she turns 18.

The dad reportedly said:

The longer I thought about it, the more unique the name became for me, and that was when the thing got its charm.

However, his wife admitted she was a little more hesitant


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