Director JJ Abrams was at the helm of the latest release, which saw the Resistance finally facing off against the First Order and the conflict between the Jedi and the Sith reach its final conclusion.

One key part of the film is Kylo Ren’s journey from the Dark Side to the Light as he sheds off his evil persona to return to the identity of Ben Solo. As the film reaches its dramatic conclusion, Ben goes to help find Rey to fight the evil Emperor Palpatine on Exegol. 

Rey realizes Ben is on her side when he gets to Exegol because of their connection through the Force and is able to pass him her lightsaber using this power. The lightsaber, which is actually Luke Skywalker’s, vanishes from Rey’s side, only to return as Ben brandishes it from behind his back. With the lightsaber now in his hands, Ben stares down the Knights of Rey and apologetically shrugs, before killing them all.

This scene has gone down well with fans of the franchise, and off the back of this the viral #BenSoloChallenge has been picking up steam online as people have a go at recreating the now-infamous ‘lightsaber pull and shrug’.

How to do the Ben Solo challenge

Ben Solo Challenge
Ben Solo Challenge

The Ben Solo Challenge is a fairly simple one to master. All you need to do is stare off into the distance at some unknown enemy, with one hand behind your back.

Now, just slowly bring your arm up to brandish whatever weapon you have been hiding in your hands behind your back (lightsaber, bottle of Mountain Dew), before nonchalantly shrugging and attacking your enemies.

Best Ben Solo challenges

Are you feeling inspired to try and take the challenge on? Here are some of the best we came across online.


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