Wiley’s Twitter account has finally been permanently suspended, five days after the rapper made anti-Semitic comments on the platform.

His atrocious Twitter outburst was shared across his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on Friday, July 24. His accounts have since been removed from all three platforms.

One of the now deleted tweets read, ‘I don’t care about Hitler, I only care about black people.’ He also compared the Jewish community to the Ku Klux Klan.

In addition to this, he specifically called out Jewish celebrities including Lord Alan Sugar, comedian David Baddiel, and BBC presenter Emma Barnett.

Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump
Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump


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As well as being removed from social media, Wiley’s management have ‘cut all ties’ with him.

Facebook and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) officially removed the 41-year-old from its platforms yesterday, July 28, with Facebook stating its decision came after he repeatedly violated its policies, reported BBCHe had reportedly posted anti-Semitic comments on both his personal and professional pages, both of which have been taken down.

Twitter’s delay in permanently removing him from the platform sparked a 48-hour Twitter boycott by many users, which started Monday morning, July 27.

Prior to the boycott, people took to the platform to express their disgust of his comments and called out Twitter and Instagram for not acting quicker.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel tweeted:

CEO of the Holocaust Educational Trust Karen Pollock also released a statement on July 25.

The statement read:

Recent weeks have seen people around the world come together to express their revulsion at racism, and people will be disgusted by Wiley’s torrent of appalling racist messages, the length of time it took to deal with them and their pathetic response.

On top of that he has posted some terrifying video messages on @instagram – still up there for all to see. This is a well known musician with hundreds of thousands of followers, many of them young and impressionable. It’s about time these social media companies lived up to the values their users around the world would expect.

His offensive tweets were available for people to see for 12 hours before they were removed, reported Sky News.


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